Sitting Pretty {maryland children photographer}

It’s amazing how fast kids grow. My niece now has FOUR baby teeth in and has almost perfected walking (well, with assistance). She is always on the move and refuses to sit still. My mom and aunts joke, “this one’s going to be a trouble maker…just like her Aunt Trang!” Me? A troublemaker? Hahahaha. It’s not that I was a mischevious kid…more like, inquisitive and an explorer?

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s photoshoot. I love shooting with natural lighting. All the shots below were shot with natural light coming in from the windows.

I love the pink hat but Taylor was not having it!

She didn’t like they grey hat either….

Greener Photography

I recently joined Greener Photography, an organization of photography professionals who support the green movement in respects to the industry.

Greener Photography Pledge

We believe that we have a responsibility to protect the environment. As members of Greener Photography, we are committed to environmentally-friendly practices and to encouraging change within our industry. Within our own businesses and in doing business with others, we are committed to these objectives:

  • to comply with all applicable environmental regulations and to strive to exceed compliance
  • to conserve energy, water, and other natural resources
  • to develop and implement practices that prevent pollution and waste
  • to offer products to our clients that are environmentally-friendly, conservation quality, locally-made and/or cruelty-free
  • to be a source for change within our industry by encouraging other photographic businesses to be environmentally responsibleClick on the logo below to find out more about what you can do as a photographer to help save the environment.

Supporting our troops {maryland family photographer}

Operation: Love Reunited is an organization of professional photographers that have joined together offering US military men and women FREE photo sessions with their families.

To show my thanks and appreciation for those who are currently serving our country, I have recently become a contributing member to this great organization. If you or your loved one(s) are about to be deployed, is deployed or will be returning soon, please contact me for details on setting up a free photo session and receive a free session album!

If you know of any family or friends who’s loved ones are currently deployed or will be deployed, please pass them my info.

Please visit Operation: Love ReUnited for more information.