the c family spring portraits {maryland family photographer}

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Thank-you for all you do- your love, your patience, and kissing away all the boo boos over the years. What better way to celebrate your day than a family photoshoot!

Speaking of moms, Mother Nature has been having a hard time deciding on the weather lately. One week it’s sweltering hot, the next it cold and windy! This Mother’s Day was a windy and a tad chilly but still a beautiful day for photos!

I spent the afternoon with the C Family exploring the park for some great photo spots. I was fortunate to have my sister come along to assist and act as a second shooter. We got some great shots of the family and Little Ella who recently turned the BIG ONE!

Happy Birthday Ella!

Ella is such a sweet baby!  I loved it when she laughed throughout the shoot, she only has two teeth in and looked ubber cute whenever she smiled!

And here’s the lovely picture perfect C Family!

And here are some great shots from my talented sister, Phuong.

Nothing says Spring like standing barefoot in the grass :)

Birthday wishes!

my mug shots {maryland photography}

It’s funny looking back at the family photos lately…I’m hardly ever in any of the photos because:

1.) I’m usually the one taking it.
2.) I hate being in photos. I know, strange coming from someone who makes a living out of photographing other people!

My parent’s friends were starting to ask, “I thought you had two daughters”…

I knew I was in need of headshots for my bio page (when I become famous and all… ;) ) and I wouldn’t trust just anyone with it. Who better to ask than my older sister, Phuong! I knew I would be comfortable in front of her and she wouldn’t mind if I sometimes art directed (not that I’m bossy). She did such an incredible job and I’m excited to update my website with a bio pic included this time!! Thanks big sis! I usually hate photos of myself but love these…especially since my 2 boys are in it!

me art directing..."make sure you use the sun as a hair light"...

kick’n it modern style with the “G” family {maryland family photographer}

I can’t believe it’s already May! The April showers (not to mention record breaking winter blizzard) brought Spring in full bloom. Sunday was another hot day but beautiful none-the-less! I had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful “G” Family in Potomac Maryland.

Mr & Mrs G’s son, Miller, is going to grow up to be quite the heart breaker. Look at those gorgeous baby blue eyes and handsome smile!

It’s hard to believe Miller is turning 6 next month!