diy fashionable camera purse?! {maryland photographer}

This weekend I’m heading up to New York to attend a wedding as a guest (actually already here in the hotel room!) and wanted to tote along my DSLR. The only thing I had to tote it in (that would fit my camera body and lenses) was one of those old school padded camera bags and I didn’t want to wheel around my pelican case. Which I think would totally clash with my outfit and make me look like an Asian tourist. I’ve been looking into a stylish camera bag for awhile now. I’ve been drooling over the Epiphanie bags and jill-e bags forever but wanted to save up for another camera lens. Then the thought hit me…why can’t I convert an everyday purse into a camera bag? I did it with my Kate Spade baby bag awhile back. I didn’t have any purses that were large enough or stylish enough to convert so I headed to the mall and found the perfect unique bag! I love it! At first I thought…can I pull this off? So I snapped a photo with my camera phone and sent it to my sister and waited for her review. I can always count on my sister for advice- I know she would be brutally honest with me. :)

Well take a look at my new (sister approved) fashionable camera bag! I had to stop at Joann Fabrics to pick up some foam and fabric for padding. I found a nice fabric pattern for the interior to match the bag. I don’t own a sewing machine but picked up some magic hem tape (love that stuff!). I also had a 50% coupon so the fabric + foam was $8.

The bag I got on sale at Macys- reg. $88, was 40% off AND I  had a 20% coupon! Bought the bag for $44!!!  It would have been a crime not to buy it!

I started photographing the bag in our hotel room. Dave said “Seriously? Your camera bag gets it’s own photoshoot now?” He found it funny how proud and happy the bag made me so ofcourse he had to poke fun. This is my husband modeling my new DIY Fashionista Camera Bag!

“Is it a purse? Is it a camera bag? Oh wait! It’s both! It’s a camera purse!!”

Here’s an interior shot-

Yes- it’s by Jessica Simpson!

So what do you think? Total cost was $52.

18 thoughts on “diy fashionable camera purse?! {maryland photographer}

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  2. I googled camera purses and came across you blog… I love this idea! Did you buy fabric to cover the foam? And did you take the foam bottom and put it standing vertically?

  3. Hi Bethann,
    Yes, I purchased the foam and fabric at Jo-Ann’s (don’t forget to use coupon) ;) I then measured the interior of the bag and cut two pieces- one to fit the bottom horizontally, the other to fit vertically and act as a divider. Once foam was cut, I then covered the foam with the fabric. I don’t own a sewing machine and didn’t feel like hand stitching so I cheated and used instant bond fabric tape (adheres with heat from iron). So far it’s holding up! However, I did find an easier ready-made insert on ebay which I quickly purchased for future bag conversions.

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  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag <3! I just bought a D90 & have been looking for a bag to hold all 3 of my camera's. I have tons of purses that are sitting in my closet (i don't use a purse…lol) I am going to tackle this project tonight. I have purchased 2 bags & took them both back because they wern't big enough or were uncomfortable to carry around all day. We are going on vacation tomorrow, I will let you know how it works out. Thanks for the Great Idea! =8~D

  6. LOVE the bag! I wished you could give more details on the foam inserts. That is where I would have the headache trying to figure it out!!!

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  8. I LOVE this!
    I do sew, and have been considering doing up some inserts to convert a purse into a camera bag. Would love some close up shots of the inserts you made (or the link to the ebay seller where you found ready made ones). I sooo need a new bag, but really want something unique and special. :D

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  10. Awesome ! I was just googling about DIY camera bags ! I bought a SAK and am in love with it ! I have cut the foam lining out of my Lowepro toploader zoom 45 AW and will be making an insert that will go in all my fabulous purses!

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  12. I love your bag..
    I’m looking for a bag for my camera.. I tried looking on sites and I looked at Macys online to no avial still havnt found one.. if you could help me out with some links or suggestions tha would be great..


    trying to stay fashionable and trendy..

  13. I used to be more than happy to search out this net-site.I wished to thanks for your time for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoying every little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

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