melissa & jake fall session {maryland photographer}

Last weekend’s weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The leaves are beginning to turn beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red. My sister and I had a  fun shoot with Melissa and Jake at Clybourn Arboretum in Baltimore. Little did we know the park closed early for the Fall and Winter seasons. We had about an hour to shoot inside the park and made use of every little minute! Sorry Mr. Park Ranger for hiding from you everytime you drove the golf cart by and announced the park was closing. :}

Melissa had emailed me the week before and said that Jake “had this picture in his head of a huge tree with all the fall colors and the two of them together”. Absolutely doable I said! Little did Melissa know there would be some tree climbing involved…and in boots at that! Thanks Melissa and Jake for being open to anything and everything!

A few fun shots

sneak peek: john & emmeline senior session centennial park {2011 senior portrait photographer}

Had a great session with 2011 seniors, John and Emmeline at Centennial Park . Yes – they are fraternal twins – Emm is the oldest!  YAY! My first TWIN session!

Big thanks to John & Emmeline’s dad for helping with the shoot! Awesome job holding the reflector and coordinating the jump sequence Mr. Z!

Some great shots from my sister Phuong!

Stay tuned…more to come!

warm apple fritters and a dash of sass {larriland farms maryland photographer}

It’s hard to believe that a little over 30 years ago my family and I immigrated to the United States. We were one of the many “boat people” who left Vietnam after the war and ended up living in the Hong Kong refugee camps for several months. Thankfully, a kind Maryland church sponsored us over. Growing up we didn’t have much. We never went on exotic family vacations to Europe or cruises to the Caribbeans. We got most of our clothes through donations from the church and most of our toys from yard sales. My parents made due with what little they had and tried to make our family “staycations” as fun as possible. I remember growing up we would take day trips to Kings Dominion, the Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City, and Ocean City. But what I remember the most and what became somewhat of an annual family tradition, was our trips to Larriland Farms. In the Fall, we would go out as a family to pick apples and in the summer we would pick strawberries. Many times my cousins would join us and we would run through the orchards and just get lost in our own imaginary world. Then years passed and my sister and I grew older…we became TEENAGERS! Every now and then my mom would excitedly ask us, “Want to go to the farms to pick fruits and veggies this year?” The thought of going to pick apples was so uncool to us. We laughed, “NOOOO mom…we aren’t TEN anymore.” I could tell she was disappointed. The excitement in her face was gone and although she smiled in response, we could tell there was sadness in her eyes.

Now that I’m older, looking back I miss those family outings. This past weekend, I did a photo session with the S Family at North Run Farms and it brought back some childhood memories, especially the sweet smell of Larriland’s famous apple fritters! On the drive home, I turned to my sister and said “let’s go to Larriland with Taylor!” I was excited when my sister said yes! We headed to her house, picked up my niece Taylor and my brother-in-law and headed to Larriland. The farm wasn’t as I remembered it. The place had grown and they added a lot more things for kids and families to do, from the farm animal enclosure, to the hay mazes, to the haunted house. The place was pretty packed but everyone was laughing and having fun.

Here is my little sweet & sassy niece Taylor. Oh my! The things we make kids do for a good photo!

We didn’t get a chance to pick apples but Taylor did pick out her Halloween pumpkin.

Some great pics from my sister & bro-in-law


I think Taylor was tired of posing…she did find her pumpkin though!

And here’s a look back at Larriland Farms 20+ years ago…I think this might have been taken in 1985? This is me with my 2 cousins Vu and Tuan. We might have looked innocent…but boy were we TROUBLE!

And here’s one looking waayyyy back to 1979 – Hong Kong Refugee style. Yes- my sister and I have boy haircuts… I find it funny that I’m also holding an apple in this pic.

sneak peek: the s family fall session

I love it when clients return and I get to see how much their kids have grown! You might recall The S Family photo session from earlier this year. I was excited when Mrs. S contacted me to do a fall session with little Lila and big brother Noah again. We met up at North Run Farms in Stevenson Maryland. My sister joined me on the first S Family photoshoot so we teamed up again on this one.

We ended the shoot with a stop at the food vendor- the sweet aroma of freshly cooked funnel cakes filled the air and was too hard to resist!

Noah met up with his friend Baily for a playdate afterwards. These two are too cute!

Some great shots from my sister, Phuong!

charlie & alex : river house queenstown maryland wedding

I knew I would have fun photographing Charlie & Alex’s wedding from the moment I met them for their engagement session. They are such a sweet, fun, and laid back couple. The wedding took place at the beautiful River House Golf Course in Queenstown, Maryland. The prebridal took place at Alex’s parent house which wasn’t too far from the venue.

Alex did a wonderful job with the small details of the wedding even down to the jewelry.

The entire bridal party was gorgeous!

Following in her father’s footsteps, Alex is a culinary chef. It was only fitting that we took a portrait with her and one of her favorite cookbooks.

I absolutely LOVE Alex’s parent’s gourmet kitchen. I wished I could have loaded it in my pickup and taken it home…

One of Alex’s bridemaid’s daughter, Dakota.  I could have photographed her for hours!
The many faces of little Miss Dakota.

Alex & Charlie decided to do a “first look” prior to the ceremony. I absolutely LOVE the idea, it gives the couple an intimate moment by themselves prior to all of the wedding festivities. Charlie stood handsomely in anticipation to see his bride-to-be. Alex was absolutely stunning. She walked towards Charlie smiling and giggling. She was radiating with joy. What unfolded next was an unforgettable moment…

This is the angle my sister got.

The ceremony was perfect. It was set under a canopy of trees right near the water.

Alex’s proud papa walking his daughter down the isle…

Remember what I said about small details? LOVED this idea. Guest could find their seats at this wonderful table seating tree!

DJ Kopec
kept the dance floor packed with the kick’n music and an awesome light show!

A wonderful surprise cake topper created by one of Alex’s chef friend. Why the Domino’s Sugar sign? Alex and Charlie live in the heart of Baltimore and their roof top deck has an AWESOME view of the actual Domino’s Sugar sign!

Alex is a hoot- usually the bride feeds the groom during the cake-cutting and vice-a-versa. But in this case, Alex fed herself first! My kind of gal!

Congratulation Alex & Charlie! You two were wonderful to work with and we wish you all the best! Thank-you for allowing us to share in your special day!!