sneak peek: fall photos with the s family {maryland family photographer}

It’s amazing how time flies. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since I graduated high school. I was excited when Kelly, a former classmate, emailed me to setup a family portrait session. I absolutely LOVE Facebook and how it connects you with friends- old and new!

We decided to start off at Lake Waterford Park and then headed back to the S Family’s house for more photos.

Little Owen is a rambunctious 2 and always on the move! He’s so photogenic! Love the big blue eyes!

Kelly mentioned that the family spends a lot of time hanging out in the master bedroom so we decided to do a couple fun and candid lifestyle shots there.

Baby R is only 10 weeks old and was so good during the shoot. He’s such a cute and sweet baby- I could have photographed him for hours!

Thanks Kelly for letting me capture your beautiful family! The rest of the photos will be posted soon!

little itty baby e {maryland baby photographer}

I absolutely LOVE photographing newborns and was excited when Mrs. W asked me to photograph Baby W. Baby Emmett is only 8 days old and cute to boot! Thanks mom & dad for letting my sister and I experiment with some fun shots! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. W on your new family addition!

Dad brought along his old childhood toys. I love classic stuffed toys. Baby Emmett’s talented grandmother sewed the cute rag doll.

Some great shots from my sister Phuong!

in loving memory…

Family gatherings will never be the same…meals will taste a little different and there will always be a sense of something missing…

My dear Aunt Hap passed away last week, a month shy of her 64th birthday. She was a beloved sister, aunt, incredible cook, a great listener, patient babysitter, and “second mother” to many of us nieces and nephews. Being the eldest sister of 9, Aunt Hap (or as we called her “Co Oi” – “Co” the Vietnamese word for “Aunt” and “Oi” her Chinese name) was our link to the past and the future. Through our busy daily lives, it was difficult to keep in touch with all the family members. Co Oi always knew what was going on in everybody’s lives. She was the one who connected us all. She had an excellent memory. She knew everyone’s favorite foods and would always make it when she saw us. She wouldn’t let us leave her house on an empty stomach. She was a woman of little words but her thoughtful actions said it all.

We lost Co Oi to breast cancer last week. It was painful to see her so frail and weak at the hospital. There were some days where we would come in and she would be wide awake and responsive, a little ray of hope we thought! But as if life was playing some cruel joke, those days would quickly pass…

At her memorial service, all the nieces and nephews were asked to contribute to the eulogy- a little memory or a few words in her honor. It was difficult to hear my sister and my cousins talk about her in past tense. It’s difficult for me to type this blog without choking up in tears…

I am thankful for coming from such a big family. We all came together during this difficult time, some even flew in from California. We were all there for each other, something Co Oi would have been happy to see. Actually, I know she was there with us…sitting in a chair, listening and smiling, as we remembered her and celebrated her life.

While she never married and had any kids of her own, in reality, she had 20 of us. Goodbye Co Oi. We love you and miss you…one day we will find a cure…

The funeral proceedings lasted 2 days. I didn’t bring my camera but my uncle brought his small DSLR so I was able to photograph the traditional Buddhist funeral ceremony on Day 2. My husband thought it was weird that I would want to document any of it. I think it was the photojournalistic instinct in me, or maybe it was my way of hiding my emotions behind the lens, but either way, photos help us remember her through life and death.