naughty or nice? {maryland children photographer}

Apologies for not posting recently. Been busy this holiday season with family photos, print orders, and designing holiday cards. :)

Wanted to pause for a minute and post a quick picture of my super sassy niece. She tends to go back and forth on the naughty and nice list this time of year. Big news! She’s going to be a big sister soon! Baby #2 is coming this summer! Yay! More babies for me to photograph!

Okay, some background about the pucker face photo below. This is what happens when you lie to children. We had to bribe Taylor with sweet treats during her photo session. “One more picture and you get a cookie!”…. “Okay Taylor- that was great! How about 2 more?  3? 4?” There was no fooling Taylor now that she knows how to count! Taylor loves her “B” (Blanket). The thing is slowly disintegrating!

maryland children christmas photos