sandy puc creative edge kids tour review {maryland photographer}

I strongly believe that you are never too old and/or “too experienced” to learn. That’s one of the reasons I decided to pursue my Masters Degree in Art right after graduating from Undergrad.

I LOVE LEARNING – seeing, watching, doing… I love attending conferences, seminars, and workshops whenever the opportunity arises. I truly believe that investing in education is something that will not only help me grow as a photographer, but in the end, will benefit my clients (and I love my clients!).

Last week I had the chance to attend Sandy Puc’s Creative Edge Kids Tour with my sister, who’s not only my BFF but also assists me on photoshoots from time to time. A little background about the lecturer- Sandy Puc is a well known photographer from Littleton, Colorado. She is a savvy business woman, lecturer, teacher, and owner of Sandy Puc’ Portrait Design, a photo studio specializing in boutique photography. The seminar took place at the DoubleTree Hotel not too far from my house and I found a coupon code online so I thought- heck, why not attend and get to learn from Puc in person?

My sister and I arrived early hoping to visit some of the vendors at the “trade show”. I’ve got to admit, the “trade show” was quite disappointing with only 3 vendors present. At the seminars I’ve attended in the past, the trade shows were much larger and more vendors attended, offering a variety of services and products. I was hoping that there were more vendors at the show since it’s always great to see vendor samples in person- especially photo labs showcasing their product offerings from prints to albums. I thought Bay Photo (the company Puc usually uses) should have at least had a booth present but they didn’t. After working through the crowded “trade show” hallway, we entered the conference hall and found some seats…all the while both thinking…I hope the seminar is better than the tradeshow!

The seminar was 5 hours long and consisted of business and marketing tips and even two live photo shoots- one with a 4 month baby and another with a 4/5 year old toddler.The live shoot was the best part of the seminar- seeing Sandy in action, learning how she lights and shoots, and seeing her interacting with the kids. At the end of the seminar we got to view a slide show of edited photos from the mini photo shoot. All in all, I think the seminar was very educational and eye opening. While some of her marketing strategies might not work for my business model, it was good seeing how high-end portrait studios such as hers work. The seminar ended at around 10:30pm. We both left exhausted but also excited and filled with some fresh ideas on shooting and marketing, making the money we spent on registering well worth it :)

To learn more about Sandy Puc’s upcoming lectures and workshops, check out her website to see if she will be coming to a city near you!