veronica & eddie: a fall e-session in carroll county {maryland engagement photographer}

They looked into each other’s eyes,
He brushed the hair from her face,
She giggled, blushing in his warm embrace…

Okay, so I’m not the best poet, but seriously, how cute are these two??

Nestled in the heart of Westminster is a beautiful place enriched with history and filled with old country charm called the Carroll County Farm Museum. I met up with Veronica and Eddie there for their engagement session in early October. Veronica (aka Roni) is an old college friend and former teammate. We used to cheer together in college, in fact, she used to be one of my bases- needless to say she is a super strong woman! I was so happy for Roni when she announced her engagement to Eddie and so honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding! If you haven’t ever visited the Carroll County Farm Museum, I would highly recommend it for an educational family outing!

Watching how Roni and Eddie interacted during our shoot, I could tell that they were truly in love and simply put, soul mates. They made each other laugh and you could just see it in their eyes how happy in bliss they are. Roni’s warm and bubbly personality, paired with Eddie’s charm and humor, made for such a fun photo session!













Seriously, these two are gorgeous together!



Thank-you Roni & Eddie for allowing me to do a little experimenting on our shoot and even agreeing to run through the forest! :) Looking forward to capturing your big day! Much love!





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