sneak peek: baby grover {maryland newborn photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing little baby Grover a few weeks ago. Grover’s mom, Eve, contacted me a couple months before her due date in order to schedule a newborn session (love how well prepared she was!) We tentatively set a date and waited and waited for baby’s arrival. Mom and dad left the baby’s sex a surprise until delivery date! I can imagine the anticipation!  As you can tell from the sneak peeks- Grover was so worth the wait! He is a handsome little boy with a full head of hair and pinch worthy cheeks!

I was so thankful to have my sister, Phuong, assist on this shoot. She is not only a great photographer, but a baby whisperer and dog wrangler! We definitely wanted to get a shot of Baby Grover with his four legged older brother Seamus :)  

Congratulations Eve & Joey! Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks- many more photos to come!



sneak peek: natalie eva {maryland newborn photographer}

There’s something about photographing newborns that always makes me smile…the crinkle of their nose, their wrinkly little toes, and their cute tiny clothes,

I had the pleasure of meeting Baby Natalie this past weekend. She was a tiny little thing weighing in at 6lbs 10oz with big bright eyes and long ballerina legs, she was absolutely precious. Mom and Dad did a wonderful job with Natalie’s room, beautifully decorated with a light pink and green theme.


Who can resist this smile??





Congratulations “S” Family- thank-you again for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! :)




sneak peek: little ariana {maryland newborn photographer}

My friend from college recently had her baby. Little Ariana weighed in at 5lbs 12oz, and 20.5″ long. She was so tiny and looked like a little peanut (the nick name might stick since Grandma started calling her that before she was even born). Despite her tiny size, little Ariana has long long legs! She’ll grow up to be tall and skinny like her mom for sure :)

Here’s a sneak peek at the tiny ballerina in the making…

baby alexander {maryland baby photographer}

Meet itty bitty baby Alexander. He was born 4 weeks premature and weighed in at 5lb 6oz. Despite his tiny size he’s a beautiful strong and healthy baby boy. I sometimes get nervous handling newborns and was thankful that my sister came by to assist for the shoot. I think I’m definitely gaining more confidence the more I photograph these little human beings.

Thank-you Yesenia and Tony for allowing me to photograph precious little Alex. Hope you enjoy the photos!

baby bodhi {maryland baby photographer}

Last month, we welcomed my baby nephew, Bodhi into the world. He came a few weeks early but was a beautiful and healthy baby boy. Here are a few more photos of his mini session portraits. Don’t you just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks?!

welcome baby bodhi! {maryland newborn photographer}

Last night, we welcomed Baby Bodhi into the world! Ofcourse, I brought my camera to document the day. I’m still amazed by the miracle of child birth. Seriously, I don’t know how women do it. Being in the delivery room with my sister for the second time, (I’m STILL mentally scarred from the first) I felt honored and a little freaked out at the same time but I’m glad I was able to capture little Baby Bodhi’s birthday :)

Taylor wasn’t feeling well earlier in the day but stopped by to say hi to mom.

“Oh my gosh! I can see the head!”, I exclaimed!
“What? Why are you looking down there?!”, my sister said between pushes.

Welcome Baby Bodhi!!

The Nurses counting 10 fingers and 10 toes.

My brother in law’s first look at Bodhi through the camera phone! I had to tell him to put it down and give him the proper welcome!

It’s amazing how the sound of Daddy’s voice calmed Baby Bodhi down…instant recognition…

Baby Bodhi was 3 weeks earlier but weighed in at a healthy 7lb 1.8oz.

The nurses at Howard County General hospital were great!

Grandma and Grandpa taking a sneak peek…

The following day, family and friends come to visit to welcome Baby Bodhi!

I think he’s going to make an excellent baby model don’t you?

little miss v {korean dol maryland event photographer}

Little Miss V is turning one next month! I’m so excited to be able to photograph her 1st birthday party. Mom and dad are throwing Miss V a Dol. “Dol means baby’s 1st birthday in Korean. Dol is a big event for a baby in Korea and is celebrated with a party called the doljanchi”.

Isn’t she a doll? I wanted to just SQUEEZE those cheeks!

Stayed tuned next month for photos of the big celebration!

little itty baby e {maryland baby photographer}

I absolutely LOVE photographing newborns and was excited when Mrs. W asked me to photograph Baby W. Baby Emmett is only 8 days old and cute to boot! Thanks mom & dad for letting my sister and I experiment with some fun shots! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. W on your new family addition!

Dad brought along his old childhood toys. I love classic stuffed toys. Baby Emmett’s talented grandmother sewed the cute rag doll.

Some great shots from my sister Phuong!

a bundle of cuteness! {maryland children photographer}

Last Saturday I finally got a chance to meet the “S” Family (minus dad who was working). Autumn (Mrs. S) and I have been emailing back and forth for several months trying to set up a photo session and finding ourselves having to reschedule due to snow, snow, and more snow! I was super excited that Saturday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. The photo session took place at the S Family’s home in Maryland. This time my sister, Phuong, came along to assist. She is an aspiring photographer and it simply amazes me how much she’s grown since I’ve given her my old digital SLR camera to experiment with.

Lila and Noah were fun to photograph. At first, Noah was a bit shy but warmed up quickly and boy has the kid got spunk!

Mom was prepared with many outfit choices and hats! I thought it would be fun to do a hat series with little Lila.

Lila was such a good baby. She was full of smiles and hardly cried at all during the shoot. If all babies were this easy I might reconsider having kids. LOL. But for now, my two labradoodles will have to do…

Sibling Love…