new diy camera bag {maryland photographer}

I never used to carry a purse until post college. I was used to just throwing things into my backpack. After college, toting keys, cash, and cell phone in my pockets was getting more and more difficult. I finally broke down and bought my first handbag (which was a Gucci knockoff and broke within a month of use!) Ever since then, I like to invest in quality bags so I got my first kate spade and then came coach…

Mixing handbags and sales can be dangerous. Case in point…I bought a kate spade diaper bag (great deal on it at the outlet). Only thing was…I didn’t have a baby. Not that you need one- they work just as well as messenger bags.

So after a year collecting dust in storage (with tags still attached) I decided to break the bad boy out and repurpose the diaper bag as a camera lens bag :)

It was so easy!! Just bought a Tenba insert and walla!! A new kate spade “shoot sac”. ;)