evan & evette: old ellicott city engagement session {maryland engagement photographer}

Sometimes you meet a couple and you can just tell they were meant to be. I had the pleasure of photographing Evan, Evette, and their daughter Jade earlier this month. As a photographer, you get a chance to step back and just let your subjects be themselves. Watching Evan and Evette behind the lens, I could tell they had a strong bond and most importantly, a friendship and love for each other that glowed. This positive energy made for a great photo session and of course beautiful images.

I met Evan and Evette through an amazing and talented photographer friend Jeri Houseworth. Evan and Evette live in Maryland but are getting married this summer in New Jersey. Jeri is photographing their wedding but recommended me to photograph their local engagement session (thanks Jeri!).

After some discussion via email and phone, we settled on a location- Old Ellicott City. It was a blistery cold day but we managed to capture some great images. The couple’s beautiful daughter, Jade, also came along for the session and she was such a trooper! Even though it was freezing out, Jade always kept a smile!

Here are a few sneak peek images from the session!


I love photographing in Old Ellicott, the area is rich in history and the variety of colors and textures are always fun to experiment with!



Evan is originally from New Jersey and Evette is from Texas. They first met through match.com and had found a great connection and after a few dates the rest they say is history. BTW, Evan and Evette are the THIRD couple I’ve had the pleasure of photographing who’ve met through Match! A true testament that the site does work! :)


We found an old theatre off of Main Street that had a big letter “E” in the middle. Couldn’t have been more perfect for Evan & Evette! We stopped traffic to snag this image!



sneak peek: baby grover {maryland newborn photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing little baby Grover a few weeks ago. Grover’s mom, Eve, contacted me a couple months before her due date in order to schedule a newborn session (love how well prepared she was!) We tentatively set a date and waited and waited for baby’s arrival. Mom and dad left the baby’s sex a surprise until delivery date! I can imagine the anticipation!  As you can tell from the sneak peeks- Grover was so worth the wait! He is a handsome little boy with a full head of hair and pinch worthy cheeks!

I was so thankful to have my sister, Phuong, assist on this shoot. She is not only a great photographer, but a baby whisperer and dog wrangler! We definitely wanted to get a shot of Baby Grover with his four legged older brother Seamus :)  

Congratulations Eve & Joey! Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks- many more photos to come!



p family holiday session {maryland family photography}

I had a great time photographing the P family earlier this month. Mrs. P’s parents were in town for the holidays so they decided to book a large family holiday session! Here are a few sneak peeks!

The girls with their Lolas!



The P family just welcomed a new member to the family- meet little Nathaniel with his two older sisters, Mickey & Gaby!


Mickey & Gaby are super talented! Not only do they know how to play the piano, guitar, and violin, but they also participate in many sports from soccer, to lacrosse, to gymnastics! Here are the girls rockin out-


Thanks Mr & Mrs P for letting me stop by to photograph your beautiful family! Had a blast!


the a family fall session: centennial park {maryland family photographer}

I always love photographing my sister and her beautiful family. They are my biggest supporters and clients ;) This year we headed to Centennial Park for a Fall mini session! If you are interested in holiday photos, it’s not too late to book a session! Give me a holla! :)

2011 was a big year for the A Family. Taylor is now three and we welcomed Baby Bodhi!


Bodhi looks a lot like his Daddy. :) And yes, Daddy picked out the outfit and even popped his collar in some of the shots. So fashion savy… ;)



Bodhi with his big sis, Taylor. It’s so cute watching Bodhi and Taylor interact. Everytime Taylor walks by or talks to him, he stares intently at her and smiles.

Daddy’s little girl…


Taylor is my super model! She is FULL of personality-  Love her laugh, love her smile, love her mischievous little self!


okay..maybe i should rename this blog post “Taylor’s Fall Mini Session” ;)


Taylor was so excited that her and Mommy had matching boots!

Finally got to use my antique show find yellow chair outdoors!

the m family session at savage mills {maryland family photographer}

I love it when past clients return and I’m able to see how much their family has grown. You might remember the M Family last year  from their family session at Echo Park. This year, we decided to head to Savage Mills for a Fall Family session. The colorful fall leaves paired with the golden light and the beautiful M family made for gorgeous photos! :)



Here’s a photo of Natalie last year, followed by a photo of her this year. Little Natalie is now a beautiful and energetic 2!

Natalie at ONE (2010)


Natalie at TWO (2011)



Thanks M Family for a great session!


the h family {maryland family portraits photographer}

I had a great time photographing the H Family a few weeks ago. Mr. H (aka Edward) found a new career opportunity in Pennsylvania and the family was beginning to pack up and move. Ed and his wife Kristin wanted to get in a family session before they left in order to remember their home in Maryland. They live in the cutest little neighborhood near Loyola College and have the most adorable son named Will who was full of smiles and giggles during our shoot! :D

In the middle of the neighborhood was a beautifully landscaped pond which made for a gorgeous backdrop for our photo session. We headed towards the pond just as the golden light began to surround us in it’s warm glow and we managed to capture a few photos along the way.

Seriously, how cute is Will with those gorgeous blue eyes?!

Will is just learning to walk…or wobble…  ;)

Thanks Ed, Kristin, and Will for letting me capture a few family memories in Maryland! Good luck and best wishes in PA!

the e family at the b&o railroad museum {maryland family photographer}

Happy New Year! Thank-you to all my past clients for making 2010 a great year!

I spent the morning hanging out with the E  family at the B&O Railroad Museum today. They are my first portrait session of 2011 and a gorgeous family at that! Here is a sneak peek from the photo session.

Brayden is such a beautiful little boy! Love his curls and his cute & infectious laugh!


Thanks guys! Much more to come!

sneak peek: fall photos with the s family {maryland family photographer}

It’s amazing how time flies. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since I graduated high school. I was excited when Kelly, a former classmate, emailed me to setup a family portrait session. I absolutely LOVE Facebook and how it connects you with friends- old and new!

We decided to start off at Lake Waterford Park and then headed back to the S Family’s house for more photos.

Little Owen is a rambunctious 2 and always on the move! He’s so photogenic! Love the big blue eyes!

Kelly mentioned that the family spends a lot of time hanging out in the master bedroom so we decided to do a couple fun and candid lifestyle shots there.

Baby R is only 10 weeks old and was so good during the shoot. He’s such a cute and sweet baby- I could have photographed him for hours!

Thanks Kelly for letting me capture your beautiful family! The rest of the photos will be posted soon!